Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sephora Hair Ties: Are they worth it? ♡

Hello everyone! I got a few of these hair ties about two weeks ago so i decided to do a review of them because i quite like them.
Sorry about my odd colored arm, I just got home from school and it's pouring outside, but anyways this is one of the hair ties in the color pink. You can choose to buy them in singles or in a pack of eight. They are $1.50 for one and $8.50 for a pack of eight. I bought this pink one and a black one, because i was a bit skeptical about if they would work or not.

I tried these right away because I was so excited about them. Their claim to fame is that they don't leave kinks in your hair, and overall that proved to be true. But my favorite thing about these hair ties is that they don't make your head hurt if you leave your hair up for too long. Normal hair ties hold your hair tight and in place but make your head hurt (or at least it does for me), and i like that these hold your hair in place but it feels relaxed.

Overall i think these are definitely worth the $1.50.

You can buy them here

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