Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

Happy 5th of July everyone! I know this post is a bit late (so late it's the next day), but I was busy spending time with my family this holiday. But enough of that, I wanted to have a little show and tell about my day.

Typically for 4th of July I head up north with my mom to stay at our camper, but this year I got the opportunity to stay home and enjoy the company of my family at home. I started my day at about 11 A.M. and got a much needed sleep-in. About an hour later I got leftover coffee, which if you know me i'll take any coffee I can get my hands on.

After having a relaxing start to my day, I finally got a chance to test out my sisters new skateboard. Here's a few snaps of our skating adventure. On a negative note, I still need to find a smooth (and rock-less) area to skate on.

I finished off my rather eventful 4th with a dip in my neighbors pool and a bonfire. One of the many perks of being friends with your neighbors. Here's a shot of our swim suits because I forgot to take pictures by the pool.

I hope everyone enjoyed their day off and had a great Independence Day. Comment below what you did on your day off, and as always thanks so much for reading. 
Much Love,

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

5 Seconds of Summer

I've know about this particular band for a while but didn't give them a listen until recently. After listening to the assortment of covers, original songs, and their EP, I am in love. The band ,which consists of Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, and Ashton Irwin, is one of my new favorites. Their sound is reminiscent of bands like All Time Low and, overall, is fantastic and original. Their song Try Hard has a permanent spot on my playlist. The EP along with their other songs earn a 5/5 in my book.

5sos is currently touring with One Direction so most write them off as a carbon copy of the popular boy band, but that is not the case. They have an interesting sound and great songs. I hope to be hearing more music from them soon.

Somewhere New-EP (2012)

1. Unpredictable 
2. Out of My Limit
3. Beside You
4. Gotta Get Out

Seriously if you haven't already go check this band out, they are amazing. 
As always thanks for reading.

Much Love,

Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Summer Essentials

Here are my summer essentials, i wear clothes like these everyday. They are simple, cute, comfy, and work for everyone.
First off you can't have summer without tank tops. Basic ones are, in my opinion, the best. They are typically thin and airy so you are always comfortable in them. They look plain on their own but you can add fun jewelry and wear lacy bandeaus underneath them if they're sheer. Next you need denim shorts. Denim is so comfy and it comes in a range of colors and patterns. My essential colors are khaki, acid wash, black, blue, and bleached. It also can't hurt to have a striped or floral pair either.

The next essential is cute sandals. Don't settle for boring flip flops. Go for cute strappy ones in fun colors or with studs. They can make any outfit look put together and are often very comfortable. My personal favorites this summer are the Harley sandals from Topshop. They are a metallic gold and have braided straps, you can seriously wear them with anything.
The next essential is sneakers. It's no secret that I LOVE sneakers. I practically live in them during the summer. Vans and Converse are my favorite. I still wear pairs from almost five years ago! These shoes will last you a life time and are good for walks, concerts, and generally looking cute. Sneakers are a must have for anyone.

My essential bag for the summer is a backpack. They literally hold everything, and i mean everything. They hold water, chapstick, hats, your wallet, a book, your phone, snacks, a camera, etc. They also come in so many varieties, sometimes i find it hard to choose. But I've always been a sucker for a good leather backpack. Denim ones are a close second. Backpacks are the ultimate hold-all and definitely perfect for summer adventures.

Sunglasses are a must for summer. You've got to protect your peepers! I'm really loving the round frames right now, they are a perfect edition to any outfit. You can never go wrong with a classic pair of sunnies, Ray-Ban Clubmasters are the pinnacle of perfect eye-wear. They flatter almost any face shape the only downside is their price. But they are well worth it!

The last essential is a swim suit of course! My idea of a perfect summer day always involves some sort of swimming. There are tons of cute swim suits out there this year, but i'm loving the ones from Victoria's Secret. They have tons of colors, patterns, and styles. It makes it almost impossible to not find something that works for you.

I hope you enjoyed my summer essentials. Thanks for reading!
Much Love,


Festival Outfit Ideas

Since Festival season is in full swing I decided to throw together a few things that would be perfect for a hot summer festival. 

Outfit #1:
Comfy and cool
This outfit has a super comfortable top paired with shorts that could be used as pajamas. To finish it off you can throw on some old cons and a hat. Leave the hat if it's really hot though. 

Outfit #2:
Taking a nod from one of summers hottest trends this outfit is complete monochrome. The flow shirt and shorts create an effortless put together look. Add some creepers and 70's glasses to add more style to the outfit. Last, but not least, the backpack. This is an absolute must for festivals, it's a great place to keep money, water, and anything else you need.

Outfit #3:
Flower Child 
This outfit is so cute. The bright colors and high waisted shorts really give it a 60's feel. The cropped tee paired with the high waisted acid washed shorts show off just the right amount of skin and the sandals give your feet freedom. The glasses and flower crown make the outfit even more fun and cute, perfect for a concert or festival.

Outfit #4:
Fashionable and Functional
This outfit is my personal favorite. The bandeau, loose tank, and bleached shorts look cool and effortless together. Again, i have the glasses. They are one of my latest obsessions. You can never go wrong with your old chucks, they're already worn in and never make your feet hurt. 

Hope this sparked any good outfit ideas!
Thanks for reading.

Much love,

My Favorite Summer Trend: Dungarees

I know i'm a bit late on this one, but anyways my favorite summer trend, by far, has to be dungarees. In particular the shorter ones, I think the longer ones are cute but they will be better for fall. The shorter ones are really easy to style and they are super comfortable.
They come in tons of patterns and washes. The light wash, floral, and striped are my favorite. I've seen countless style icons like Danielle Bernstein and Alexa Chung wear them and I absolutely love it. You can wear the printed ones for a more formal occasion and the denim ones for everyday. They make any outfit interesting. I love these overalls and I hope they are here to stay.

Thanks for reading.

Much Love,

Saturday, May 18, 2013

♡ Collective Haul ♡

This is a few things I've gotten over two months on my own and for my birthday. So let's begin.

The first thing I'm going to talk about are my Adonis boots from Topshop. My mom actually got these for my birthday because I was lusting over them for months. I wish I could wear them now but it has been 80-90 degrees this week. I know these will be perfect for fall in winter with or without socks and i can't wait to wear them more. I swear these boots are perfect.

This i got today at Victoria's Secret today because i was $5 dollars away from a free towel and I couldn't resist. I also bought a swim suit which will be posted at a later date. Overall i love this body spray. It smells sweet and citrus-y. Its smell, according to the bottle, is sugar berry and pink grapefruit. It also claims that is has "conditioning aloe" in it, so I guess that's a bonus.

This is the Mesh Stripe Cropped Top from Topshop. I purchased this a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it. It is a bit sheer but no one will notice if you wear a nude bra. It also breathes well so I will be able to wear it in the summer. I plan on wearing it with high waisted shorts or skirts and some dungarees. I was told this shirt runs small so I sized up, but i wish i would have stayed with my normal size because it is a bit big.

I also got this from the Topshop at Nordstrom. Sorry I didn't take a picture for this one it was in the wash oops. I love this shirt it's so comfy but still looks cute. It has become one of my go to shirts because i can literally just throw this on with jeans or shorts and go. I've received many compliments on this shirt plus i got it on sale, so I was a very happy girl.
I got this skater dress on sale at Urban Outfitters for $20. I adore this dress it goes with anything and everything. It's light weight and looks perfect paired with a light jacket and some chucks or ankle boots. I've worn this dress so many times and in so many different ways.

I also picked up these two nail polishes. The one on the left is Essie's In the Cabana and the one on the right is from Urban Outfitters and it's called Slime. Slime is a chartreuse color so I love it, and I got it on sale for $1 so it was a steal! In the Cabana is a beautiful summery blue and I have it on my nails right now and have gotten tons of compliments already. Both are amazing, and if you like In the Cabana i definitely suggest checking out the rest of Essie's summer collection, it's great!  

My dad got me this MAC lipstick for my birthday and I love it. It's called Sunny Seoul it's a beautiful pink that has a bit of shimmer in it. It's good for everyday make-up and it smells and tastes kind of like cake. I couldn't get a good picture of the color (they all looked orange) so i'll post one from Google below. I also discovered that this was part of a limited edition collection so it's pretty hard to find. Some counters at Macy's have it, most MAC stores are out, but a few people are selling on Ebay. So if you see it buy it because you might not see it again, and personally I think this is a lipstick worth having.


I also took a trip to Ulta today to pick up some hair products. I recently ran out my Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum so i repurchased. I recently bleached my hair and since my hair it treated it need this to maintain silky texture and reduce frizz. The only downside to this is that it's a bit heavy, which is good for treated hair, but if your hair is natural a lighter oil should be used. One good one is Redken's Diamond Oil.

Also while at Ulta i picked up Urban Decay's Naked palette. I have wanted this for months but couldn't do it because of the price. I mean $50 for one palette is a bit overpriced, but i finally caved and bought it. I'm so glad i did. I'll do a better review of this when i get more time to try it out and play around with it, but so far it's pretty amazing. The only color I wish was included is Stray Dog. For some reason i'm in love with that color and will be purchasing it as soon as it's back in stock.

Colors from left to right: Virgin, Sin, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, Half Baked, Smog, Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal

 The last things i bought were these shorts from American Eagle. I think they're called festival shorties, but don't quote me on that. I got them in black and maroon. They are ripped on the legs and frayed on the bottom, they are so comfy but they do stretch a bit. I wish i would have got them in the bleached denim too. Overall perfect for summer and I can't wait to wear these more.

That's all for now. As always thanks for reading. Feel free to leave comments of  your favorite purchases or your summer plans below. 

Much love,
May ♡

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sephora Hair Ties: Are they worth it? ♡

Hello everyone! I got a few of these hair ties about two weeks ago so i decided to do a review of them because i quite like them.
Sorry about my odd colored arm, I just got home from school and it's pouring outside, but anyways this is one of the hair ties in the color pink. You can choose to buy them in singles or in a pack of eight. They are $1.50 for one and $8.50 for a pack of eight. I bought this pink one and a black one, because i was a bit skeptical about if they would work or not.

I tried these right away because I was so excited about them. Their claim to fame is that they don't leave kinks in your hair, and overall that proved to be true. But my favorite thing about these hair ties is that they don't make your head hurt if you leave your hair up for too long. Normal hair ties hold your hair tight and in place but make your head hurt (or at least it does for me), and i like that these hold your hair in place but it feels relaxed.

Overall i think these are definitely worth the $1.50.

You can buy them here

Thanks for reading
Much love,