Tuesday, June 11, 2013

5 Seconds of Summer

I've know about this particular band for a while but didn't give them a listen until recently. After listening to the assortment of covers, original songs, and their EP, I am in love. The band ,which consists of Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, and Ashton Irwin, is one of my new favorites. Their sound is reminiscent of bands like All Time Low and, overall, is fantastic and original. Their song Try Hard has a permanent spot on my playlist. The EP along with their other songs earn a 5/5 in my book.

5sos is currently touring with One Direction so most write them off as a carbon copy of the popular boy band, but that is not the case. They have an interesting sound and great songs. I hope to be hearing more music from them soon.

Somewhere New-EP (2012)

1. Unpredictable 
2. Out of My Limit
3. Beside You
4. Gotta Get Out

Seriously if you haven't already go check this band out, they are amazing. 
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