Sunday, March 3, 2013

♥25 Facts about ME! ♥

Aloha! I just thought for my very first post i should give you a few facts about myself. Before i start though i should tell you my name is Meghan, but i like to go by May. I am sixteen years old and i live in the Midwest. Now onto the facts.

1. I love shopping, probably a little too much
2. I have two cats. Their names are Luna and Libby.
3. My favorite movies are The Shining and Silver Linings Playbook.
4. I have one biological sister, but i have four step siblings.
5. I could survive off of stuffing and tacos for the remainder of my life.
6. I can not tan.
7. I dye my hair often. It is naturally blonde but i dye it brown.
8. I have five piercings in my right ear, but only two in the other.
9. I wish i could own everything from Topshop.
10. I don't like tomatoes.
11. One of my all time favorite purchases was a candle that smelled like bread.
12. My favorite holiday is Christmas.
13. My birthday is April 12th.
14. I am deathly afraid of spiders.
15. I like dying hair. I do my sisters dip-dye every two weeks.
16. I love horror films, and even if they scare me senseless i can't resist to watch another.
17.  If you put cinnamon hearts in front of me i will most likely eat them all.
18. Skyrim is my guilty pleasure.
19. I can cook almost anything.
20. I've only left the country once. I went to Mexico.
21. My hair is currently Ombré.
22. I paint in my free time.
23. My freshman year i was addicted to playing the Sims.
24. I want to learn to play the banjo, guitar, and sitar.
25. I am a sucker for Disney movies. The Aristocats is my favorite.

Thanks so much for reading, i hope anyone reading will enjoy what is to come on my blog.
Much Love,

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