Tuesday, March 5, 2013

First Impression Of Covergirl's New Nail Polish

I recently went to Target to stock up on gum, but ended up in the makeup section. While browsing through the Covergirl section i happened upon this beauty.
It's called Covergirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss in the color mint mojito. I love colors like this where it's a greenish blue. I picked it up for $4.97. It doesn't really scream mojito at me, but more of a Caribbean blue. It looks really beautiful on and has a shiny finish, so you don't really need topcoat if you don't care how long it lasts.
The picture above is the nail polish without topcoat, and as you can see it is pretty shiny. Without topcoat it lasts about three days, with topcoat it lasts up to a week. Which is a good amount of time for a nail polish. Another good quality of the nail polish is that it's extremely pigmented, only one coat is needed to cover the nail completely. I only used one coat in the picture above. Over all I think this nail polish is great and I will be purchasing a few other colors. I'm really looking forward to buying this in Peaches and Cream (pictured below).
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