Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Topshop Clothing Review ♡

I have an extreme weakness for clothing in general. But one of my favorite places to buy clothes is Topshop. I have to buy online because the closest Topshop is two hours away. While browsing online i came a few things i had wanted, but only purchased two.

The first one is the Part Time Punk Tee by Tee and cake
My first impression of this shirt is that it was extremely unique and versatile. But what really sold me on it was  it's lack of sleeves. I am a sucker for muscle tees and graphic tees, so this shirt was the perfect combination of both. It also has the words "Part Time Punk" printed across the bottom which i think adds some extra edge to it. The only con of this shirt is that it is quite sheer and thin. So it's perfect for summer, but you would need to wear a bandeau under it or a cami. In winter you can layer it with a sweatshirt and jacket.
This tag was also pinned to the shirt. I thought it was cute and that i should add a picture.
It also had a removable tag that had directions for making cakes. Cute!

The next item i purchased was something I've heard many people rave about, the Topshop Leigh Jeans. I got them in black.
They really are great. Some people complained that their not like jeans at all, and that's true. I love it, when you wear them they look like jeans, but it feels like you're wearing leggings. So unlike most jeans they are super comfy. Another good thing about these jeans is that they come in a variety of colors and sizes! So you can get just about any color you want in just about any size. One con is that they are a bit snug on the waist, but will stretch out over the course of the day, so it should be fine. I had high expectations when ordering these jeans and they definitely lived up to it. Overall great purchase.

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